Belle Jouvence

Belle Jouvence

Belle Jouvence in French means, “rejuvenate, beautifully”.
It is a unique, scientifically patented process that we offer our clients at Hisako Salon.
This specialized treatment not only restores youthful beauty to hair and skin, but also contributes to benefit your health overall. Because regular perm solutions are alkaline, the hair and scalp tend to get damaged and irritated.
Belle Jouvence’s patented system, uses a low-acidic perm solution with no ammonia, that is very mild on the scalp and hair—so gentle, even people with sensitive skin can use it without any irritation.

Belle Jouvence Perm

Frequent treatments of Belle Jouvence actually benefit your hair, making it healthier the more treatments you get.
The correct acidity/alkaline balance is essential to maintaining beautiful hair. It is the main principle of the Belle Jouvence treatment—with regular use, scalp and hair health is gradually restored and beauty is regained.
Belle Jouvence solutions are low-acidic, minimizing damage to the hair and scalp. Hair becomes shinier and healthier, and the finish gives you a beautiful, natural looking, soft wave.
Belle Jouvence’s gentle, patented products can be used on anyone with damaged hair—even throughout pregnancy, during menstrual cycle, also people with delicate or poor health conditions can have the treatments done to them without worry.

Belle Jouvence Treatment

Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp.
Belle Jouvence Treatment includes a scalp massage, which pumps fresh oxygen through hair follicles into the body, to promote better cell turnover. It rejuvenates and purifies the scalp, reaching deep down in the pores, discharging toxins from the body.
Cell turnover cycle is 28 days. We recommend getting this treatment once a month.
The treatment takes about 1 hour; our clients love the relaxing effect of the massage that comes as part of the treatment.

Belle Jouvence Facial

Our Belle Jouvence facial treatment utilizes the same low-acidic formula that tightens skin to improve elasticity and firmness.
Also, the antiseptic effect of the low-acidic formula helps control oiliness and acne-prone skins.

Belle Jouvence is a scientifically proven treatment, patented in 10 countries around the world. It is a comprehensive system in the art of beauty.

pH is a crucial factor in Belle Jouvence. The feature of the weak acid beauty method is that the pores are cleaned and rid of waste, detoxifying the blood stream—metabolism is improved, resulting in clearer, smoother skin.